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Vrat Ltrs

9. Anchorite G.

Letter 9. Anchorite G. to King Vratislav That veteran anchorite G., little friend of the most glorious King V.: new fruits for you always of love (amor) and affection (dilectio). The love (caritas), which God had joined between us on first knowing you by sight, I see is now extinguished in you. For, since the death of your dear son, at God’s instigation, you took real care to announce it through your messenger everywhere in our regions, especially in that very place where I tarry, on behalf of the memory of his soul and you did not deign to commission from me any expression of love (amor). But nonetheless the soul of the son clings to me, like the life and soul of the father: as God is a witness—lest I seem to deceive by flattering—this very thing [love (caritas)] is kindled in me, burning for the sake of your eternal salvation, such that in the sight of God your memory is recited daily by me first after the lord our emperor. Therefore I ask and implore you, that you not accept unworthily the small correction which the just judge brings to you, worthily proffered—for God chastises the one he loves—but always look in fear to appropriate for yourself better things from the little ones. Farewell and, now in the last time of the age, secure the peace and be vigilant, so that you may open at the Lord’s knocking.