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The Deeds of Wiprecht

Regnal Signposts

At the same time, the august Emperor Henry [III], the son of that Emperor Conrad [II] who succeeded Henry [II] the Pious, became master of the highest of affairs. By his hard work, with divine grace cooperating, the res publica was enjoying the security of peace. Under him, among the rest of the princes, Margrave Udo of Stade, was ruling.
At that time, war and the greatest dissension arose between King Henry [IV], the son of the aforesaid Emperor Henry [III], and the Saxons, such that people despaired it could not be settled without bloodshed (perish the thought!). The emperor had in mind to make an expedition into Lombardy and Italy—and to avoid the turbulent faction of Saxons at the same time. Wiprecht therefore judged this to be a convenient time to complete the business that he had in mind. At Aachen, on the Lord’s Epiphany [6 January], Emperor Henry made his son Henry V king.
In the same year, Emperor Henry III [IV] died. In the year of the Lord 1107. In the year of the Lord 1108.