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The Deeds of Wiprecht

Where now?

For those wanting to know about these things—where they ended up—let him lament! For, as we have learned, the lord Abbot Windolf later used the crown advantageously as payment for possessions to be bought in Thuringia. But, as for the robe, lord Wiprecht the younger, about to travel to Italy in the service of the emperor in his father’s place, later offered it for—and promised to pay back—as much silver as it might be worth. Bishop Burchard of Münster (nicknamed 'the Red'), having inspected the robe, gave 40 marks for it. But, when Wiprecht returned from Italy, many obstacles hindered him, and he was not able to pay back the silver before his death.
, among them these books: an antiphonal and a gradual, a small missal book, the Rule and a Psalter. They have remained at our house until today
But let it be known that the body does not lie in the place where the memorial made for her is visible; instead it is at the foot of the altar of the holy Cross, a spot which still remains marked by some indication. At that time, this altar was positioned in a higher place.
(from which the best chasuble was made—not however of the same size, insofar as it was cut into various pieces, both advantageously and disadvantageously; also, it is well-known that its very extensive gold-embroidery was transferred to another ecclesiastical cloak)
Out of all these things, some of them are not now among us; for some were spent in time of famine, and it happened that others were broken up for the purpose of buying estates.