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The Deeds of Wiprecht

Vratislav Obit

In the same year, Vratislav, having fallen from his horse while hunting, died a sudden death.1 In the excellence of his honour, power and wealth he was surely a man incomparable to all his predecessors in his principate. He even struck fear in the emperor and all the German princes. Vratislav was nevertheless a most loyal joint-labourer for the kingdom, as he proved frequently in many times of need when King Henry [IV] was ruling. For that reason, the same emperor—not undeservedly—raised him up with the pre-eminence of the royal title. He was also the first among his people to be distinguished by a royal crown and the lance. He left behind five sons, one of whom was called Bořivoj; after his father died, he obtained the duchy for some time. Another son was Ulrich, who later, when Lothar was ruling, obtained the same principate.