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The Deeds of Wiprecht

Windolf insert

Among other things, Windolf increased the number of brothers to 40 and to a number greater than that. By their daily labour, he levelled the castle of the lord Erpo (about whom we spoke above), which was heaped together by an impregnable pile of earth with entrenchments and ramparts. He made a garden there, stuffed with a diverse abundance of fruits and herbs, which frequently gladdened that same city of God. Afterwards, along the river Wyhra on the eastern side, he began to cultivate the place still called Abtsdorf after him, that is, to completely tear out trees and shrubs all around, and, with the thickness of the forests cleared, to expand the lands ready for the plough. With a church built there and with a manor abundantly endowed for the inhabitants' use, he established that it was to be for our brothers in perpetuity. By his own labour he also established a village by the name of Wolftitz next to the village of Pegau, and increased its annual render to the value of a talent. For the use of the brothers, he also rendered a certain place toward the western side of that village profitable by an annual payment of eight solidi.