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The Deeds of Wiprecht

Henry of Meissen

Although prosperous things were thus following Wiprecht, he nevertheless could not endure prosperity and peace. Remembering the injuries once inflicted on him by the more noble men of this province, he frequently carried off not a little plunder from them, falling upon them unexpectedly. Therefore it happened that once, crossing the boundaries of the town called Belgern, he laid waste to the nearby villages by plundering and was on his way back, with everyone having suffered. When this became known to Margrave Henry of Meissen, he took his milites with him and pursued Wiprecht as he came away from Belgern. But Wiprecht steadfastly intercepted him. They came together in battle, and Margrave Henry’s standard-bearer died, transfixed by a lance from Wiprecht’s miles Hartwig. With others falling on both sides and Wiprecht’s adversaries ultimately forced to flee into the town, Wiprecht’s milites carried off their plunder.