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The Deeds of Wiprecht


and adorned with garments woven with gold and with various jewelled ornaments On the same day, the lady Countess Judith, daughter of the Czech king Vratislav, came forth crowned and royally adorned in clothes woven with gold. That very day, upon the altar, she dedicated to God and Saint James these two remarkable items: a crown inlaid with gold and gems, and a robe woven with gold, resembling a dalmatic and of the most precious workmanship, which she was wearing under a cloak also woven with gold.
Afterwards, he gave for the adornment of the pulpit crystal and ivory chess pieces with carvings in relief.
, among them these books: an antiphonal and a gradual, a small missal book, the Rule and a Psalter. They have remained at our house until today
With these things thus accomplished, the lord Wiprecht exercised his usual generosity toward our place and donated these things specifically listed for the remedy of his wife's soul: namely her most precious cloak, extraordinarily and quite skilfully woven with gold
. To this he also added: a chest, very large and decorated to the utmost degree both with gold and with gems and enamel; three very large crosses also ornamented with enamel, gems and gold, and with their bases silver; and a silver pitcher fit for holy water. In addition to these things: two candelabra embellished with work that is cast and Greek; the finest covering for the main altar, which they say was from his household; and the finest cloth, that on the highest feast days is placed upon the pulpit, on which the gospel is customarily read aloud.
Besides these things, while she was still living, the lady Judith had given to this church a green chasuble with gold embroidery.