[929. Henry I campaigns successfully against Hevelli, taking Brandenburg1; against Daleminzi, taking Gana; against Bohemians, taking Prague; also made Abodrites, Wilzi, and Redarii tributary; Redarii rebelled, taking Walsleben; Saxons respond by besieging Lenzen, a battle described in detail.]2
998. War between the Saxons and the Slavs; but with God helping, the Saxons were made the victors.3
1114. Duke Lothar, having attacked the Slavs with an armed force and progressed to the interior, subjugated a certain region. Since they despaired of salvation, having confessed themselves once tributaries of St. Vitus [i.e., Corvey], for the sake of his honor they were left with their lives by the duke. ... On that same expedition against the interior Slavs, Duke Lothar, had with him in aid Margrave Henry of Stade, who had brought together 300 horsemen of the "Scyrcipensian" Slavs, that is, 100 from each of his burgs. [continues to describe dispute between Henry and Lothar] 4