1003. King Henry subjugated Italy, Bohemia and Duke Boleslaw as well as all the people of the Slavs.1
1035. In Lent the burg of Werben was captured from the Liutizi and the garrison of Count Dedi was led away captive. … [The emperor] spent Pentecost at Bamberg, where he ordered his expedition against the Liutizi. … The emperor with a most strong army entered the region of the Liutizi; he laid waste to it far and wide with fires and plundering.2
1040. In autumn the king declared a war in the Bohemian realm, where he returned having lost many of his force without the outcome of success.
1041. King Henry, having entered Bohemia a second time, accepted the surrender of its duke, named Bretislav, and made his land tributary to him.3
1056. The Liutizi perpetrated a great slaughter against the Christians, some of whom perished by the sword and others by fleeing into the water. Among them Margrave William was killed.4
1057. The Saxons gathered an army, aggressively attacked the savage people of the Liutizi and inflicted various misfortunes upon them. They subjected them to Roman dominion and, accepting hostages and tribute, returned home.5