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921. Meanwhile King Henry strongly persisted in stabilising peace and restraining the savagery of the Slavs.1
[929. Henry I campaigns successfully against Hevelli, taking Brandenburg2; against Daleminzi, taking Gana; against Bohemians, taking Prague; also made Abodrites, Wilzi, and Redarii tributary; Redarii rebelled, taking Walsleben; Saxons respond by besieging Lenzen, a battle described in detail.]3
934. King Henry was in 'Wocronin' with an army.4
[950.] At that time, the king campaigned against Boleslav, the king of the Bohemians. [continues with further detail] 5
955. King Otto contended most perilously against the Abodrites, whom Ekbert, the son of his maternal aunt, had gathered against him.6
[957. The final campaigns of Wichmann against Mieszko of the 'Licicaviki', the Liutizi, the Wagrians, and the Abodrites; he later joined with the Slavs called Wuloini (i.e., from Wollin) against Mieszko, who called in aid from Boleslav of Bohemia.]7
959. The king invaded the Slavs again, and Thietmar was killed there.8
960. In that same year the king proceeded against the Slavs again.9
963. Back home the Slavs called Lausitzer were also subdued.10