932. King Henry was in 'Lonsicin'.1
[984. Duke Boleslav of Bohemia takes possession of Meissen, expelling the bishop; he return the next year after Boleslav went home.]2
[1002.] Boleslav...assembled an army and seized Margrave Gero's march as far as the river Elbe. Then, with siege troops sent ahead, he captured the burg of Bautzen, with all its possessions, and immediately thereafter attacked Strehla.3 Secretly, he also tried to bribe the residents of Meissen... [more on this]. Elated by this success, Boleslav occupied the entire region up to the Elster and secured it with a garrison. [more on how Boleslav's claimed to do so with Henry's permission, on negotiations concerning the region after Henry's coronation, Boleslav's frustration] When he arrived at the city of Strehla, he immediately set fire to it and abducted a large part of the local populace.4
[1003. Boleslav Chrobry further negotiating for Meissen, moving an army to the region, sparing Strehla]5 In one day the whole fertile region of Lommatzsch was ravaged with fire and sword and had its inhabitants abducted. [also receive booty and several thousand captives from Mügeln]6
[1009. A force of Poles tries to take Meissen but is easily repulsed, to Boleslaw's displeasure.]7
1015. The emperor again went with an army against the Poles.8