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1032. ... the emperor [was] at Werben, where he resided for the sake of pacifying the realm against the Liutizi ...1
1033. In the same year, at the castle of Werben, Count Lutger, plus Theidof and Wolferad, were killed with forty others.2
1034. Many and unaccustomed wars arose between the Liutizi and our men at the fortress of Werben, in which some from our side were killed and many wounded.3
1035. In Lent the burg of Werben was captured from the Liutizi and the garrison of Count Dedi was led away captive. … [The emperor] spent Pentecost at Bamberg, where he ordered his expedition against the Liutizi. … The emperor with a most strong army entered the region of the Liutizi; he laid waste to it far and wide with fires and plundering.4