932. King Henry was in 'Lonsicin'.1
[933?] From here [Meissen], he compelled the Milzeni, already subject to his will, to pay tribute. Furthermore, after long besieging the burg Lebusa... he forced the residents to flee to a small inner fortress and then to surender. From that day, on which he justly destoyed it by fire, to the present, the burg has been uninhabited.
[1004.] Boleslaw attacked the Bavarians... with a large force. In response, the king assembled an army and attacked the lands of the Milzeni.2
[1004. King Henry invades Bohemia to oust Boleslaw Chrobry from power there, taking Zatec by force and reinstating the Premyslid Jaromir as ruler in Prague. Afterward, Jaromir assists Henry in attacking the Milzeni and beseiging Bautzen--ultimately surrendered by Boleslaw.]3
1010. Expedition to the Slavs, from which the king returned sick with a few men.4