976. Henry, duke of the Bavarians, fled to Bohemia after being deprived of both his office and the communion of the church. While he was residing there, with Duke Boleslav, the emperor attacked with a strong army, but gained nothing at all against these two. Moreover, through the treachery of one of Boleslav's warriors, he lost a great troop of Bavarians who were coming to his aid and had just set up camp next to the burg Pilsen. In the evening, the Bavarians were washing themselves without having set a guard for security. Suddenly, the mailed enemy arrived and cut them down as they ran naked to their tents and through the meadow. The enemy returned with all of their booty, happy and unharmed. Hearing of the loss of so many men, and knowing that no other route of return was accessible to him, the emperor went directly to his burg at Cham.1