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844. Louis crushed the Abodrites in battle, who had been preparing to defect from his allegiance; as their king Goztomuizli had been killed, he had the land and people which God had brought under his yoke ruled by duces.1
846. Louis went from Saxony against the 'Winidos' beyond the Elbe. He went with his army against the Bohemians, whom we call 'Beuwinitha', but very perilously.2
849. With King Louis sick, his army took the road from Bavaria against the Bohemians, but, with many of them killed there, they returned home very humilitated.3
851. The Sorbs violated the Frankish border with frequent attacks and incendiary raids. The king, angry at this, proceeded through Thuringia with an army, invaded their territory and oppressed them severely.4
862. In the same year the king led an army against the Abodrites and compelled their dux Tabomuizli, who had rebelled, to be obedient and to give his son and others as hostages.5